Dissertations on mobile learning

The portability of mobile technology means that mLearning is not bound by fixed class times; mLearning enables learning at all times and in all places, during breaks, before or after shifts, at home, or on the go.

They tested the module with a group of bank tellers and a group of restaurant servers. Education for all in the digital age. MLearning, as Visser and West suggest, can also increase access in those situations where cost represents a significant barrier to learning p. In this regard, the use of mobile phones transformed the learning process from a process of instruction to collaborative construction; trainees were required to actively participate in the learning process.

However, students in infrastructure-constrained societies have not felt the impact of mobile technologies, especially in the support of education. A t-test of the post-test scores reveals that mobile-based learning was at least as effective as face-to-face learning. Routlege Studies in Distance Education.

Download the Kindle app and turn your iPod into an e-reader, create your own stories with Story Kitand find out about the latest space missions with the NASA app. Educational Technology, 47 3 Similarly, the HSUM developed a module with sections on emergency care for pregnant women and endocrinology, which they tested among a group of obstetricians and gynecologists.

For her dissertation study, Sam used a collective case study methodology to explore the use of augmented reality books on an iPad 2 with students diagnosed with disabilities.

To resolve this contradiction, it is necessary to define the dialogue and structure that influence transactional distance as only the interactions that take place between the instructor and learners and to exclude the interactions among learners.

Literature review of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning Dissertation Essay Help

Some participants also expressed difficulty with sending SMS messages because SMS could only be sent using English characters, and they were not comfortable with the English alphabet.

With proper training, and time to explore these high-tech gadgets, teachers will soon be able make rapid strides with them, and be able to support and instruct the use of such devices in the classroom on a regular basis.

For the purpose of this paper, I adhere to the original and official definition of the theory: Level 1 aims at individual learning, and level 4 aims at collaborative learning by multiple users.

What is ubiquitous computing? Interactive Learning Environments, 18 4 Contrary to original expectations, the conference-calling feature was not used because the phone model selected for the project, despite the claims of the mobile phone provider, could only connect three locations at a time and because the sound quality was not adequate for discussions.

Mobile communities importance of mobile learning in Indian education system

All students except two did not make use of the audio CD since they realized that it had the same content as the written module material. Although learning activities and tasks based on a constructivist perspective were implemented and demonstrated, comments on this project describe the benefits of mobility.

She sees it as a great way to improve the reading, math, and science skills of the students at her school. A mobile butterfly-watching learning system for supporting independent learning.

For example, the presentation of information is likely highly structured, while questions for discussion require high dialogue process, but both of these activities are typically course components. Testing the relative productivity of instruction methods within the Pratham English language education program Working Paper.

Transforming the delivery of education and training pp. We as educators need to take note of this, and look for safe, productive ways to integrate mobile learning devices into our curriculums. Mobile learning in the 21st century: Teachers demonstrated low enhancement levels of the SAMR model for technology integration and described elements of productivity use or student engagement as contributions to their curricular modification.

In this regard, mLearning represents more than a mere extension of traditional forms of education; mLearning facilitates alternative learning processes and instructional methods that the theories of new learning identify as effective for learning.

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In the attempt to find viable solutions to these challenges, much hope has been placed in new information and communication technologies ICTsmobile phones being one example. If not, how can you need to implement a change management plan as part of your mobile learning strategy?

Dissertation: Student Acceptance of Mobile Learning

Interestingly, disaggregation of the students into high-gains and low-gains learners those with post-test gains higher than the mean of 3. Handhelds go to school: An audio-based learning forum project Chang, enabled learners to participate in an asynchronous learning forum on mobile devices, which replaced the text-based discussion online forum.

The American Jounal of Distance Education, 8 1 The responses of participants included these statements:Designing Mobile Learning Environment 86 Summary of Literature Review on the Learning Design for Mobile Research Design Process – ADDIE Model Research Process and Design Process Structure of Thesis for Designing Mobile Learning Activities for HE Students 19 CHAP 2 Diagram 3.

MOBILE LEARNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION: A GLIMPSE AND A COMPARISON OF STUDENT AND FACULTY READINESS, ATTITUDES AND PERCEPTIONS A Dissertation Submitted to the. the relationship between school principals' leadership behaviors and the development of professional learning communities in schools with teacher study groups.

Abstract. Although mobile learning using smartphones and applications or apps have the potential to inform and educate individuals in an outdoor environment, users may find that connectivity issues and basic knowledge of outdoor environments, including both physical and emotional, could be limited by what this technology provided.

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Dissertations on mobile learning
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